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Featured Artist American Helix

American Helix

The original glass Helix pipe designed by William Menzies and made by American Helix are handblown with the utmost care and precision. Each glass piece meets their impeccably high standards. These pipes are engineered with the scientific foundation of Bernoulli’s Principle, demonstrating the Venturi Effect with every draw. The Venturi chamber (helix body) utilizes the “trinity” inlet system allowing small amounts of cool ambient temperature air to enter the chamber and mix with the hot smoke to form a swirling tornado effect that quite literally carries a helical shape. Each air inlet is precisely made so that there is neither an excess or deficiency of air flow introduced from any point in the “trinity.” Thus, cooling is optimized while still receiving a full and robust smoking experience.


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Maine Cannabis Gifts

Zenco drinkable vapor enthusiasts, start your morning right when you use this serving tray to prepare and sip your dabs . It holds two cafe sipping glasses, the Zenco vaporizer, three coils and up to four cartridges. The Zenco Cafe Tray has stainless steel handles to make carrying everything you need for your session easy and safe.


Zenco Serving Tray

We include two swab jars, one for clean and one for dirty swabs and our ISO pump dispenser. The cafe glass sippers are held on the tray with stainless posts so the are super secure and cannot fall over.

Featured Artist Charli Glass