Jane West Twenties Collection Bubbler

Sale price$130.00
Color: Amber

The attention to detail in the Jane West Twenties Collection Water Pipe makes it clear that this piece is a head above other water pipes. Starting with the solid and sturdy base, the upright design keeps things simple for both beginners and seasoned consumers. The custom bowl is the Water Piece's signature, featuring a triangular design that will maximize your dry flower herb. The Jane West Water Pipe is also adaptable and can fit a banger for use with concentrates. The ergonomic mouthpiece rounds out this beautiful water piece and containes a wide chamber that fills with thick smoke. Inhale with the Twenties Collection Water Pipe and taste what you've been craving in your smoking experience.

A timeless look paired with a classic Jane West-styled modern smokeware makes this piece functional and a perfect nod to the Twenties. 

The downstem is removable and the custom bowl makes cleaning and upkeep simple and easy. Comes in crystal Clear and three other classic colors.